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How It Works - Tutor

Register as Tutor

To get a Part time Job as a tutor, kindly register yourself with a working Mobile Number, Email Id, address and landmark.

Update Profile and Preferences

Update Tuition type, areas and timings and preferred classes/subjects/hobbies to teach based on which the system will automatically send the jobs arriving every day to the matching profiles where tutors will have an option to go via consulting company by applying or directly contacting the parent with lead view option.

Apply for Jobs that arrive to Profile

Tutor can apply to jobs that arrives at no cost where they will have a consulting company to mediate between the parent & Tutor in arranging the demo and closing the position for which they may charge up-to 50% of the tutor salary.

Purchase Lead View Credits

Tutor can also purchase credits to view the parent contact information at a cost of rupees 100 per lead with a validity for 1 Year from the date of Purchase where they can buy a minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 leads by making a payment Via bank Transfer to the below mentioned account and send the receipt to and update us @ 040- 40125125 , to get the credits updated.

Directly Contact the Parent

Once the tutor has available credits he/she can view the lead info and directly contact the parent and arrange for a demo and negotiate the salaries without having anything deal with consulting Company.

How it works : Parent / Student

Give us your requirement

Parent can give his/her requirement via Website / Call center, once the info is given a lead id will be generated.

Job Sent to matching tutors

The job is sent to the matching tutors based on Skills, Area, Tuition type & Gender available with us.

Consultancy / Aggregator / Tutor

Both consultancies and tutors will get in touch with the parent and can arrange for a demo and employ the interested tutor.

Note: We don't suggest or Guarantee any payments to tutors or parents however it is parents & tutors interest to negotiate the terms & conditions and payments.